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Your data has real power:

to better understand diseases in order to fight them better, to map their progress in order to prevent them better, to multiply information in order to defeat them one day, and more broadly to feed medical research more effectively than ever before.

Health data has the power to move the world forward, our algorithm detects the absence of information and gaps in the care pathway.

Dr Adnan El Bakri
Creator of PassCare


Be informed in a personalized way thanks to the alerts :

  • Climatic
  • Allergic
  • Pollution
  • Sanitary, etc.
  • Epidemic


Updating the immunization record through regular reminders.

Chronic diseases

Examinations and consultations to be carried out according to the disease and its evolution.

API Management

The API Management provides PassCare® with interoperability between the platform and healthcare software vendors.

Customized programs

So that you can manage your health with a weekly accompaniment adapted to the context, the season, etc.


Screening procedures to be performed according to age, gender, risk factors, etc. Personalized reminders and assistance

Travel and Leisure

Travel assistant :

  • Planning a trip
  • Managing your health during the holidays
  • Facilitate the management of repatriation
  • Privileged offers via wellness partners (fitness centres, SPAs, etc.)

PassCare Maps

PassCare Maps enables users to better manage their health by adopting a healthy lifestyle with trusted partners.