Let's connect the world of health

around the citizen !

Trust, universality, proximity

To give you the power to freely and confidentially manage your health data, to have at your disposal at any time

medical information about you and to be able to share it easily with the healthcare professionals of your choice.

Empowering citizens

It enables all citizens of the world to collect, understand and use their personal data, under their control and for their own purposes, thanks to digital technology.

Facilitating the care pathway

Digitise health data to enable better mobility and accessibility of information and thus improve the health system and the care received.

Connecting Healthcare Professionals

To improve the health network by enabling all actors to better interconnect in order to better respond to patients’ needs.

Reducing the health footprint

Generate savings by efficiently reorganizing the care pathway to avoid, among other things, the duplication of examinations.

Valuing medical research

Allow users to share their medical data anonymously and with their consent to help research teams.

Ensuring data security

Develop a hybrid private proprietary BlockChain securing health information: ChainForHealth®.