For us, access to health care

it starts with access to information !

By re-adapting the two-sided market described by Nobel Prize winner Jean Tirole, Dr. Adnan El Bakri, President and Founder, proposes, via PassCare, a healthy business model that advocates Business to People (Tech For Good) based on strong social and ethical values.

PassCare is based on new digital technologies applied to the sharing and structuring of health data.
Our ambition? To become a world leader and create a new era of participatory and collaborative Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain in public health.

Simple and secure, with PassCare you are in control of your health data throughout your life and you are the sole owner of it

With an individual and universal digital fingerprint called “Coeur-Code®”, each PassCare® card has a unique personal public key that allows the user to connect to the web platform. PassCare® members can retrieve, structure and share their health information with the medical and paramedical professionals of their choice anywhere in the world. All they need is access to the internet.  

Healthcare professionals are thus able to fill in the patient space directly on the platform and access additional interactive services (Tele-advice, tele-expertise, Photocare®, etc.).

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