The first intelligent, universal and confidential digital health passport.
PassCare allows its users to regain ownership of their data.

Made in France, Online, Private, Complete, Simple, Secure, Efficient.

Our innovative technology allows to connect all medical and paramedical data, to optimize patient care and secure travel, thanks to a personal, interactive and intelligent health record, that works everywhere in the world.

Are you a professional?

They chose

The reference healthcare platform designed by your healthcare professionals

It's so easy

to retrieve, store and protect my health data. In addition I become 100% owner.

to be connected

with the professionals  of my choice to share my information with them.

with confidence

Secure and confidential, I can access my health data anywhere, anytime. A simple internet connection is all you need.

Are you un individual?

Your health, your priority

You'll like PassCare​

Access my health data online

With PassCare my health data stays with me, anywhere, anytime. No more risk of losing my x-rays or test results.

Sharing my health data with my doctor

With my consent, my doctor reviews all my medical history, current treatments and updates my information.

Digital link
with my health practitioners

With PassCare, I can be connected to my healthcare professionals, wherever I am, whenever I need them.

Secure my travels and journeys

In just a few clicks, I can give access to my health profile to a trusted physician, pharmacist or nurse anywhere in the world when traveling.


Receive health alerts
and reminders

I can choose to receive notifications about screening tests, medical follow-up and personalized informations.


Answer health questionnaires
like COVID-19 risk assessment

I take advantage of a preventive approach, I have access to information sheets adapted to my situation, my lifestyle, my medical history, to the season, etc.

In case of emergency
My health information is always at hand

I always have my guardian angel with me. My PassCare provides emergency doctors with everything they need to know about my health. I get fast care and tailor-made treatment!

My PassCare thinks of everything
so that I don't forget anything