I retrieve my health records with PassCare,

and I own everything 100%!

PassCare is THE healthcare platform, designed by healthcare professionals. By choosing PassCare, I take control of my health. I can safely access my medical data 24/7 and I can share it with the healthcare professionals of my choice anywhere around the world.

I help medical research progress thanks to collaborative AI

I have control over my healthcare and I am also empowered as a citizen to help others.

I contribute in participative medicine by giving access to my health data, which has been 100% anonymized and secured, in order to help preventive medicine and research progress.

I help reduce the “health footprint” by optimizing and being responsible for how I take care of my health.

PassCare PRO®
For the healthcare professionals who want to connect with me

PassCare PRO is the only interactive platform that is compatible with the software used in the industry allowing all healthcare professionals to send me information and communicate with me.

PassCare ensures my data is secured and anonymous

With PassCare, my healthcare records are protected and can be tracked. I am the only person who can access and provide access to my data. PassCare’s innovative technology is linked to ChainForHealth; a private Blockchain that ensures my data is fully encrypted and inalterable.

Consulting with my GP

GP: “Hi, do you have your PassCare with you?”

Me: “Yes I do and it is fully up to date. The lab has included my latest test results in it. You can see them and extract them from there”

GP: “Perfect, let me log in”

Consultation médecin
consultation en clinique

Leaving an appointment at the clinic

Me: “Could you please update my medical records on my PassCare? It will be easier for my next appointments.”

Secretary: “How does it work?”

Me: “Here is my card. I’ll grant you access to it through my phone, it is very easy.”

I get ill abroad

“I think I got food poisoning. 

I get to the hospital. They speak a little English at reception… 

I hand over my PassCare and I provide them with instant access to my data… in their language. 

They smile, seem happy. This clearly eases the process”

tomber malade à l'étranger