Connected to my patient

Connected to my office !

PassCare Pro, the PDA that allows me to intelligently manage my patient,
to facilitate our exchanges and to organize my agenda as well as possible without wasting time.

9,99/month   |   or 99/year

My well-groomed patient
My optimized agenda

I can track the health of all my patients and communicate with them via an interactive dashboard. PassCare organizes my daily consultation files.

An eye on my business
A PassCare for my patients

I have prepaid PassCare per year to offer my patients.

Distressful professional,
healthy patient

PassCare Pro is compatible with all my business software. It is intuitive and secure.

PassCare Pro


  • Creating and customizing my PassCare PRO® account
  • My referencing in PassCare Maps® and search engines
  • Plug-Link® PassCare (virtual printer): compatible with all healthcare software
  • My activity highlighted and valued
  • Tele-consultation (outside care pathway, with my patients only)

PassCare Pro VIP


or 99/year

  • PassCare cards to offer to all my patients
  • PhotoCare® (follow-up of photos, imaging, lesions, scars...) Tele-consultation (outside the care pathway, with my patients only)
  • PassCare Scoring® (scanning of my medical questionnaires)
  • Dashboard to follow my patient in real time
  • VIP access to the news feed of the PassCare social network of healthcare professionals
  • PassCare for you and your family
  • Access to the PassCare community (with the patient's permission)

A crush
but not yet love at first sight ?

With PassCare Pro, I take care of my patients
as much as their data !

100% encrypted, the innovative PassCare technology, via an encryption protocol, protects and makes each care path traceable.

My PassCare thinks of everything
so as not to forget anything