PassCare is my health asset

it commits me to my insureds

With PassCare, I retain my policyholders and contribute to reducing health risks and costs.
It’s a digital health passport personalized with my colors that facilitates the management of medical data.

Convinced by the new technologies applied to healthcare, PassCare makes it possible to securely retrieve healthcare data at any time around the world, with the key to prevention services.

Thierry Auzole
General Manager Hélium

Reimbursement costs are significantly limited thanks to the reduction in redundant procedures.

It's simple for my company
It's good for my policyholders

My policyholders are always close to healthcare professionals thanks to the tele-advice service and the easy management of the medical file.

With PassCare, I take care of my policyholders
as much as their data !

100% encrypted, the innovative PassCare technology, via an encryption protocol, protects and makes each care path traceable.

My PassCare thinks of everything
so as not to forget anything