Healthy employees

It's a great company to work for !

PassCare is the only digital health platform dedicated to my employees. My PassCare is personalized with the colors
of my company and delivered turnkey. My teams can monitor their health and that of their families.

Less absenteeism
More well-being

I offer a personal or family PassCare
in my company colors.
This 100% secure interactive platform connects them to the healthcare professionals of their choice.

They trust us
and that's good !

In addition to being good for my employees
it's simple for me

I am accompanied in the use of my PassCare as soon as I take it in hand.
I benefit from free and unlimited training and technical support.

With PassCare, I take care of the health of my employees
as much as their data ! autant que de leurs données !

100% encrypted, the innovative PassCare technology, via an encryption protocol, protects and makes each care path traceable.

My PassCare thinks of everything
so as not to forget anything