My health PassCare
With me everywhere, all the time!

Supporting me 24/7, my PassCare allows me to retrieve and secure my health records: prescriptions, treatments, blood and other test results…

As soon as I need it, I can share my information with the healthcare professionals of my choice. Only an Internet connection is needed for me to grant them access to my medical records through PassCare.

Carte PassCare

It is proven! Using PassCare without moderation is good for you.

PassCare Solo

PassCare Solo


or 29,99€/year

PassCare Famille

PassCare Family


or 39,99€/year

My health is my worst kept treasure!
… PassCare will look after it for me 🙂


My secured access to all of my health records

No one else but me owns all of my records thanks to PassCare.

My GP gets access to all my records, current treatments… in just 10 seconds.

I can access PassCare 24/7 all around the world.
This means no more risk of losing my X-rays or any test results…


My health tracked with efficacy daily

My GP updates my records in my secured account.

I get notifications for any appointments, jabs that need to be renewed or treatments via my PassCare app.

I can consult all my health records at all times.

My PassCare allows me to share any information and health related data with the professionals I choose.