The health passport that connects your patients to your care facility

An efficient and more customized healthcare journey through an intelligent date health sharing


A range of services to improve monitoring and the relationship between the city and the hospital

A preventive approach

Faster detection of risk situations by easily accessing all patients' medical histories

Optimal continuity of care from hospital to home with personalized notifications and a tele-consultation tool

Simple daily management

A communication platform to successfully coordinate care prescribing and patient follow-up

The implementation of a clear organization of the patient's healthcare path

An optimized activity

A paperless system with reduced costs and delays for medical and paramedical information communication

A better performance of your activity with easier support for your patients

Reinventing the patient pathway

Preparation of the surgical appointment of the tonsils

Camille will be anesthetized before tonsil surgery

His anaesthetist communicates to him through PassCare® the contraindications prior to his preoperative appointment

Post-operative follow-up of tonsils

The nursing staff and the surgeon organize Camille's follow-up after her tonsils operation

They send her a pain follow-up and satisfaction questionnaire on PassCare®

Accompanying the victim of an aneurysm rupture

Jean stays in a specialized neurological follow-up care institution following an aneurysm rupture

The nursing staff offers him a PassCare® in order to regularly follow the results of the neuropsychological check-ups during his stay

Security and anonymization of health data

  • Secure history of interactions with our ChainForHealth® technology
  • Unique proof key per user with information encryption
  • Compliant with European DGPS regulations and the right to be forgotten
  • CNIL authorization n°2066032
  • Hosting on a server approved by the Ministry of Health (ASIP certified)
  • Encryption and anonymization of data