Easy retreiving and sharing of health data

Empowering you to take care of your health


Have full control of your health data throughout your life

First personal and family digital health passport

Become the owner of all your health data and the one of your children.

Intuitively share your medical and paramedical information with the health professionals of your choice.

First interactive medical communication platform

A card key to give instant consent by a simple click on a mobile phone and have a digital connection with your healthcare professionals.

Providing access to teleconsultation and remote monitoring services with access to information.

First collaborative AI in health

Being responsible and taking care of his own anonymized health data.

Allowing you to benefit from automated disease prevention and screening notifications.

Simplified care pathway and optimal health management

Beginning of a consultation with my doctor

Doctor: "Have you ever had surgery?"

Me: "Yes, here is all my medical history in my PassCare®, there are my surgical operations and my treatments, I have also put my last analyses, you can consult or retrieve them, it's simple and quick"

Exit from my consultation at the clinic

Me: "Could you put my report on my PassCare®?"

- How does it work?

Me: "Hold my card, it'll do me a favor!"

I am travelling

I think I have food poisoning.

I am at the hospital.

With my PassCare®, I allow healthcare professionals to instantly access my information in the local language, so that my care is more effective.

Security and anonymization of health data

  • Secure history of interactions with our ChainForHealth® technology
  • Unique proof key per user with information encryption
  • Compliant with European DGPS regulations and the right to be forgotten
  • CNIL authorization n°2066032
  • Hosting on a server approved by the Ministry of Health (ASIP certified)
  • Encryption and anonymization of data